Wonderland (Tzuke / Noble)

INTRO Gsus - Dm7 - G Gsus Dm7 - F
         Gsus                    Dm7              (F)
Well the phone keeps ringing and I'm always here

       Gsus          Dm7             F
Giving my opinion to whoever's there

      Am                          Gsus
Going round in circles, trying to stop the tears

         Dm7                    (F)
Who do I think I'm kidding?

Who said life was fair?

        Gsus                      Dm7
Well we all are searching for our little piece....

Dm7         Gsus
We keep our secrets

Shut down the pain

Gsus    - G7
Hide the strain

F                     Gsus - 7  F                         Gsus - 7
 If we all believe in Wonderland why do we make it such a hell?

F                     Gsus - 7       Am7               Em7
 If we all believe in Wonderland how come it's lies we tell?

F                       Gsus - 7  F                       Gsus - 7
 Do we still believe in miracles? If we can only find the key

F                      Gsus - 7
 Could it be there's a Wonderland?

        Am7               Em7
Please, God, there has to be.

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