intro dots

  INTRO C/Cbass - G/Dbass

           G/Cbass -            G/Dbass            G/Cbass -             G/Dbass  
I tried to hide from you, but I failed, I tried to lie to you about how I failed
               G/Cbass -                 G/Dbass                  G/Cbass          
And even in my darkest time, you gave me light, I never knew this kind of love
Could feel so right
         Em      D      Cmaj7          Bm7                Em  D
When I'm in your arms I find myself believing we could be anywhere
And I can keep on dreaming
D               Am7                          Em7         
Whenever you're close to me, you're like the sun ,you feel like the sun
D                    Am7                 Em7 - D
And every day you're telling me I am the one
Cmaj7              G/Cbass     G/Dbass
I am the one that makes you shine, and I know etc

  chorus dots

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