Intro: E

            C#m       A           E            (B chord in v2)

v1.she was my best friend, my start and finish to the day

            C#m        A                E

I was round at her house we talked too long and put the world to right

            C#m   A        E                       (B chord in v2)
we did things our way but her reflection in the mirror was all wrong

C#m       A               E
and looking back I was pretty stupid then
A                  B  C#m    B    A        F#m    B
A lesson learned ah ah ah ah     Joy    I moved on  ah ah ah ah

C#m    B


                       C#m       A   E
v2 Then there were the phonecalls etc...

         C#m A E           C#m A  E                  C#m  A E
A lesson learned ah ah ah ah     Joy      I never knew what he'd done

C#m  A E


A                             B     C#m
the most beautiful face that I have ever seen

                           B      A
I had no idea the trouble she was in

                F#m          B                                 A
I should have noticed she was so thin but I can't save her now

she was my best friend etc.. (v2 chords)

A           F#m             B           C#m
and I always wanted to look just like her

               B              C#m    B C#m 
how could I understand how much her beauty hurts

A       E        B     C#m                         A
  when my world was innocent etc she was my best friend