Indian Giver (Tzuke / Goodes)

INTRO Em7 - A7 - C add9 - D add9
      Em7 G      Cmaj7      
She's delicately dealing out your dreams
        Em7    G      Cmaj7 Bm7     Em7
She's a master at not being who she seems
        Em7       G     Cmaj7                     
And you know what ever  you want she can give
        Em7        G        Cmaj7  Bm7    Em7
but the price that you will pay is way beyond your reach
D   C     Bm7 Em7   D     C   Bm7 Em7
You know, I   feel, she's not for real
          Em7      G         Cmaj 7
When you watch as she takes secrets from your eyes etc...

D   C    Bm7 Em7
You know I   feel etc.....

CHORUS  Bm7#5              Asus
She's an Indian Giver, you know you must deliver,
C                              Em7
twice as much or more than you ever gave before
        Bm7#5                           Asus
And you wanted to believe her, 'cos you really think you need her
      C                           Em7            Bm7-#5 - Asus - C - Em7
She's counting on the cost of you always wanting more

    Bm7-#5   Asus -      C           Em7
You know   I feel, she's not   for   real
    Asus   A7          C       D
You know I feel, she's not for real
    Em7    A7          C       D
You know I feel, she's not for real

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