These are chord charts for Judie Tzuke songs, mainly ballad, keyboard oriented. I'll try and post them on a regular basis but I welcome other contributions. Mail me with comments, requests, amendments, etc.

Endorsed by the Official Judie Tzuke website at tzuke.com

"I am mightily impressed..." - Bob Noble

NEW 9/03/13 -added One Tree Less  and Joy - for Lucy

21/10/10 added If (When You Go) from Moon on a Mirrorball (for Rhianna and Katherine)

10/01/05 -added Fight  and Like the Sun from EOTB with backing vocal score excerpts

added  I'm not a Loser requested by Andy Barry

22/04/04 -added  I'll Be The One (with the first 11+13 chord I've seen in a Judie song) for Terry, and Harbour Lights

2/10/03 -added  Secret Agent for Aaron, and Sukarita

21/03/03 - for Beth (at the Rhino Site - well worth a visit!) - added Liggers At Your Funeral

7/03/03 added the dots for Pax's solo in "Stay with me..." - tabbed by the Man Himself.....

11/02/03  added Joan Of Arc (requested by too many people!) and Under The Angels for Dom

19/03/02  added Wonderland (requested by Steve Lane),  Don't Go,  and  Drive

22/07/01 - added  Indian Giver  

04/01/01 - added All Of Me  and Days Like These  - from  "Six Days after the Flood"

-31/8/00 - added It's Too Late - Lucie Silvas' recent single, and Liam for good measure

1/3/00 - added  Living On The Coast, Vivien, On A Ship and Keep Control 

Left Hand Talking - requested by Teresa, added on 30/01/00 

Two Mountains - added on 22/08/99

Cath requested - I Could Feel You - added 24/06/99 

one of Gill's favourites - You were the Place - posted by Ade 23/05/99 - good call!!

added 18/05/99 - Man and a Gun and Mother 

added 08/03/99 - I've never known where my heart is - suggested by Gary 

added 31/01/99 - The Rise of Heart and Molly - especially for Cath 

Stay with me till Dawn submitted by Phil Driscoll 27/01/99 

How Do I Feel - posted 25/01/99

That's where my heart used to be added 17/12/98 

17/11/98 - added Late Again

2/11/98 - Ade Melia posted Nightline - thanks, Ade!

1/11/98 - added Fly and Bring The Rain (requested by Barnaby)

27/10/98 - added Don't Let me sleep and Ladies Night

22/10/98 - Come Hell or Waters High and Understanding

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