Chorus dots
The (upper) harmony line is classic Judie; alternating thirds and fourths with the melody for that signature backing vocal texture

CAPO 2 GUITAR*; INTRO Emsus2 - Cmaj7(E bass) - G6add9(E bass)

Emsus2            Cmaj7  G6add9    Emsus2           Cmaj7      G6add9
Best foot forward here I go I keep standing up, you just don't know
    Emsus2             Cmaj7    G6add9      Emsus2               Cmaj7    G6add9
How hard the hand that holds me down and it comes from you, it's what you do
    Am          Asus2    Asus4
Am             Asus2   Asus4  Emsus2           
And never understand the way I wanna have you with me when I reach the goal
    Cmaj7   G6add9    Emsus2        Cmaj7  G6add9
the perfect life that I've been sold
How much harder etc
C      Bm7 Em7  C      Bm7 Em7    
C       Bm7 Em7        Asus           A7
One step  nearer one mile  further love ever   after is what I'm hoping for
C      Bm7  Em7
Do you need me etc

*piano transpose all chords up a tone eg F#msus2 etc

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