Days Like These (Tzuke/Goodes)

   C#m                                           A
On days like these I remember how we used to run away from crowds
    C#m                                       	  A
and you and me, we'd be happy just to be together, when time allowed
    F#m                                                       C#m
On days like these I wish I could find the road that leads us both back there
     F#m7                                                        E
tho' we're still here, it's a different kind of magic than there used to be
When you looked at me
      C#m                              B
je me souvient, (I remember) je me souvient (I remember you)
un jour comme celle-ici
je me souvient

   C#m                                                A
On days like these, when I look into the mirror I can see myself.....

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