Living On The Coast (Tzuke/Paxman)

INTRO: (Am) C - D - Em - (Am) C - Dm Bbmaj7 x2

             (Am)   C - D - Em 
Living on the coast
                          (Am)      C - Dm - Bbmaj7 
You see no one beyond the waterline
              (Eb)            Eb - C/D bass
You make yourself feel better
                    (Gm) - add7
By breathing in the air
                    (Am)   C - D - Em 
You try to make the most
                       (Am)         C - Dm - Bbmaj7 
Of every day you can afford to waste
          (Eb)                 C/D bass
But even though you take your time
                  Gm  - add7
You don't have to care

       Gm             F       Bb - F/A bass
Cause all you want to find is there
     Gm      F/A bass  Bb/Ab bass   Gm
And what you see is   what   you    take
 F          Ebmaj7
Apart from me 
               C/D bass
'Cause I won't be with you

An evening with the sun...

G/C bass - C        D/E bass        C/F bass           G - Am7
             If sometime I take the time to reach you
          D                 B/D# bass
Would you think I'm someone special

G/C bass - C        D/E bass  C/F bass           G 
             And if I was     alone with you

 Am7                C/D bass - D - C/D bass - D
 Who would need the sympathy

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