All of Me (Tzuke/Muggleton/Goodes/Cox)

INTRO Dm....

            Dm                   G
  I've been creeping around the  outside
 C                 Am          G
 trying to find the right way  in
           Dm                    G
 I've been locking it up to your heartbeat
 C                Am          G
 you won't know where I've been
       Dm        G
  barriers won't stop me
         C           Am        G
 'cos I know where I want to be
  Dm                      G
  in between a rock and a soft place
    C                 Am         G
 is where you get the best of  me
 well it's a slow start
             Gsus      G
 you give me half your heart

 I want to be there
          Am        Gm7
 when you open your eyes
 want to be there
 when you realise
      C          Dm
 I'm not gonna be
          Am         Gm7
 what you want me to be
 you can be sure
 what ever I am
         C         Dm
 you get all of me
 you get all of me
          Dm                 G
I won't promise you this is forever....

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